FAR Avenger Cargo LR
by gilflo
uploaded 2015-06-12
(updated 2015-06-12)
mod spaceplane
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 111
  • Mods: 6
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  • Adjustable Landing Gear
  • KW Rocketry
  • MechJeb 2
  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakScale - Rescale Everything!
  • TweakableEverything
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Mod Spaceplane, SSTO, called FAR AVENGER CARGO LR root part is MK2 cockpit

Run in KSP 1.0.2 and FAR tested

Run only with F.A.R - You won’t break Mach barrier on stock

Very long range SSTO able to ship a 5T satellite to Mun or Minmus and return without refueling

4 RAPIER Engines and 2 Nukes engines LV-N Nerv running only on fuel

Vernor engines for stability and also for docking

Take off weight with Empty Cargo 75T with cargo full up to 81T

Take off procedure using Pilot assistant:

HDG preset 90, VS preset 50, PID VS AOA max 30

OXY § FUEL: Balance SAS: ON

All Engines: manual switching

Deselect RCS MK1 thrusters (6)

Ascent guidance Turn shape preset 20% for a 90km orbit

Important windows for Mach and VS:

10000m -14000m - 16000m - 22000m - 25000m

VR= 140m/s

After rotation select VS 50, Then increase smoothly to 180 through Pilot assistant . Speed up to 10000m around 300m/s

Passing 10000m decrease smoothly VS to 30-40 to accelerate through Mach 1.5

At 14000m M 2.4 VS 75

At 16000m M 3.24 VS 100

At 18000m M 3.86 VS 125 then 150 and select RCS

Expect Roll oscillations above 20000m - Very hard to struggle manually, use Mechjeb (see below)

When oscillations occur deselect Pilot assistant and engage ASCENT GUIDANCE 20% or if manually climb at 250m/s maxi

At 22000 M4.16 as soon as turbo decrease toggle Nuke (3)

Keep turbo with Nuke until 27-28000m M 4.25 - M 4.15

After 30000m no more roll oscillations you can fly manually

Then switch on Rockets (2) and close Nuke (3) and select 40% Ascent guidance

When APO is 70km M5.5 (1950m/s)

Go on prograde and close Ext Rapier (4) and engage nuke (3)

Then close all Rapier (4 puis 1)

This is the best saving fuel climb: use 2900 fuel units and leave around 400 Oxy units

Album with all screenshots to see all these stages on a return Minmus mission: http://www.hostingpics.net/album/gilflo-242771.html

Re entry:

-Fill up MK2 front tank (Oxy and fuel) and balance other tanks.

-Plan a flat and long re-entry and you will not experience any flip nor spin.

-Burn on retrograde with Nuke

-At 60km, Be on prograde, select Speedbrakes and select RCS for Vernor engines (deselect MK1 Thrusters -hit 6)

-Avenger will nose up on braking around 40km , but will be limited by top cockpit Vernor

-You should not experience any spin nor flip and you should not roll to much.

-Keep SpeedBrakes all the way down to 17000m

-Around 15000 you should be around 300m/s, you can leave prograde and close SB then relight Rapier ( hit 2 to switch on Air mode, hit 1 to relight)

-You can then fly Pilot assistant or fly manually.


Final speed around 150 VS -5

Just before Touch down select brakes: it will deployed Speed brakes and drag chute and shut down all engines

Fuel figures

After a 90km orbit around Kerbin, a run to Minmus using Nukes, a 250km orbit around Minmus to lauch a satellite, a return to Kerbin with aerobraking and a little burn on retrograde to establish a 75km orbit plus a burn for very flat re entry fuel on board is around 1250 out of 6315 and oxy is 300 out of 285.

If you embark a satellite in hold, don’t forget to lock satellite fuel tanks

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