FAR Powermonger K
by gilflo
uploaded 2015-05-07
mod spaceplane
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 155
  • Mods: 9
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  • B9 Aerospace
  • BahaSP
  • FerramAerospaceResearch
  • KWRocketry
  • MechJeb2
  • ProceduralDynamics
  • RealChute
  • Squad (stock)
  • UmbraSpaceIndustries
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A mod aircraft called FAR POWERMONGER K . Built with 155 of the finest parts, its root part is MK2 Cockpit. Built in the KSP version 0.90. Test and Run with F.A.R.

This spaceplane owns Karbonite drills and a Karbonite Converter, so as you can refuel by drilling and converting Karbonite into fuel and oxy.

Repackable Drag parachute on landing.

4 RAPIER engines powerfull spaceplane leaving you with 1500 DV to use at 100km orbit around Kerbin. Its 4 Rapiers associated with 4 individual Sabre air intakes allow a continuous climb at 40 m/s vertical speed accelerating up to 33000m before switching on Rocket cycle. No need of vernor engines or RCS as it flies easily through hypersonic speed with only the help of Mechjeb to deal with small roll oscillations

Slideshow here to see presets http://www.hostingpics.net/slideshow,gilflo,238728.html

Album here to see presets http://www.hostingpics.net/album/gilflo-238728.html

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Flight Manual for auto flight or manual flight


Switch all RAPIER on manuel switch mode.

Raise Rear Gears to get take off clearance on lift off (action grp 4). Rear Gears are only here for landing.

Preset Pilot assistant on Heading 90 and Vertical speed 30

Select SAS, start 4 engines and apply full power

Take off smoothly at 110 - 120 m/s, fly positive climb and retract gear

Select Heading, then Vertical speed on Pilot assistant and let your spaceplane climb on 90° and V/S 40m/s accelerating You can time warp 3. It is very stable. Prepare a mechjeb ascent profile at 30%.

Climb continuously up to 23000m keeping this parameters, you should reach M2.8.

At 23-24000m you should encounter roll oscillations.

Switch off any Pilot assistant selections and Select Mechjeb Ascent guidance with the 30% turn shape profile (orbit 100, Turn end alt 70), it will go easy through oscillations. Gradually build up ascent profile to be around 50% at 33000m around 1330m/s - Mach 4+ - AOA can go up to 30° or more.

At 23000m VS is around 40m/s while speed is growing up. After 32000m VS will collapse to 10m/s while speed won’t grow up any more..

AOA around 30° or more, near stalling but still climbing.

At 33000m switch on Rocket mode (action group 2) and select quickly 28% on turn shape profile, then quickly 18 to 14% You can leave Mechjeb do the job or take it manually to burn on prograde.

This will leave you 1500m/s DV at 100km orbit.

When establish don’t forget to balance fuel on TAC fuel balancer.

Re entry

If minimum fuel fill the forward tank as COG goes back when low fuel

The spaceplane is well strut and should go through unwanted stall or spin.

AT 40000m burn on retrograde to set speed under 1500m/s, the using SAS turn on prograde

You could encounter stall and spin and you should pass through.

Preselect Heading and -150m/s vertical speed on Pilot assistant and don’t forget to leave prograde on SAS before switching PA modes When stabilize, switch 4 Rapier (action grp 2 to cycle to air cycle, then 1 to start engines) and fly on manual or using PA.

If spinning and you can’t go through, select SAS and prograde mode, it should stabilize you. then you can take it manually or with Pilot Assistant.

Final approach around 100m/s or less. At ground contact chutes will deploy . Cut off power and apply brakes, you should stop very quickly. All this can be done manually or through Pilot assistant.

Landing on low gravity.

Use Rocko engines , they are balanced for fuel in central tanks. If necessary, Pump fuel from forward and aft tank to central tanks.

Docking on refueling stations.

Docking port is a center of gravity, use RCS Thrusters

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