Sarnus S1-B Kane-ASTP
by gc1ceo
uploaded 2017-08-03
mod ship
#kane #apollo #astp #kstp


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 80
  • Mods: 6


  • Bluedog DB
  • Contares Common
  • New Tantares
  • SETI-ProbeParts
  • Squad (stock)

The lunar aspect of the Apollo program ended on December 1972 with the final lunar mission, Apollo 17. However the remaining Apollo resources were funneled into Skylab, the first (and only to date) American space station. It was visited by three different crews between 1973 and 1974 and although it stayed in orbit until 1979 it used up most of the rest of the Apollo mission. One notable and famous exception to this was the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project meant to signify a thawing period in American-Soviet relations in the mid-70s as a potential beginning to cooperative space efforts between the two super-powers. It was a meeting of a number of famous space race personalities including Deke Slayton, Tom Stafford, Alexy Leonov, and Valeri Kubasov. It was also notable as being the last Apollo CSM used in space known simply as Apollo or Apollo ASTP. The meeting was made possible by the ASTP Docking Module which was a joint collobration between American and Soviet engineers.

The Kane ASTP or Kane KSTP is a modification of the Kane A-7 with a few changes – resources including fuel and ablative shielding have been greatly reduced to allow for the inclusion of the KSTP Docking Module. It is stored and retrieved in a manner similar to the Sina MEM/MM with the Kane CSM retrieving it from its payload housing once it has reached orbit. The docking module is mostly just a small structural piece with a Kane passive docking adapter on one end and an international docking adapter on the other. It is entirely a mockup as KSP allows for crew to be transferred between any two connected structures. As a result the docking module has no life support capabilities of its own although some monopropellent fuel is present for the combined spacecraft.

The lifter is a Sarnus I-B and is a bit more difficult to use than the Sarnus I-B that carries the Kane A-7 because of the additional weight. The first stage should be ejected when it’s exhausted with the second stage having some difficulty in the beginning that will drop your velocity a bit in the beginning. This results in a fairly flat ascent with only about 100-140 dV required for circularization, however the second stage may only have about 150-160 dV left when you reach space. This may require to set a lower orbit if you need a greater margin of error for your ascent.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.0.

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