Gemini Titan III-C MOL
by gc1ceo
uploaded 2017-07-21
mod station
#gemini #titan #mol


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: station
  • Part Count: 85
  • Mods: 2


  • FASA
  • Squad (stock)

Along side the development of the civilian space agency NASA there were plans by the US Air Force to develop it owns extensive space program. One of the primary forces of the USAF space program would be launching and maintaining surveillance programs. However in the beginning of the space program the capabilities of unmanned satellites were very minimal with the military deciding that the future of surveillance would include manned space stations, a similar approach that Soviets would take with the Almaz program. The Manned Orbital Laboratory went through a number of proposals with many including a space station launched on a Titan rocket, similar to the one used to launch the Gemini missions. The space station would include several high-powered cameras with the film being developed and studied by a small crew in a laboratory module. By the late 1960s the capabilities of spy satellites had improved greatly which overshadowed the necessity of manned surveillance orbital stations. A number of the ideas from MOL proposals eventually went into Skylab and even the Space Shuttle program but the USAF program was largely abandoned by the early 1970s.

This is my build incorporating ideas from several MOL proposals and partly taken from the FASA craft files. It incorporates a laboratory module which can house up to (4) Kerbonauts although only a single one is required for research operations. The station’s service bay includes a large camera representing the surveillance capacities of the MOL proposals. The station has also been given a certain amount of refueling capabilities in the form of small tanks also housed in the service bay. The station launches with a Gemini capsule, similar in nature to my Gemini SC2 build, which can be detached and docked with thanks to an Agena docking adapter at the front of the station. The station has long-term capabilities thanks to two large solar panels in a configuration similar to Skylab. Lastly the station has a powerful DTS antenna meant for surveillance transmission.

Since the point of most of the MOL proposals was for the station to be manned it has little to no unmanned capabilities so basic procedures such as extending the solar panels should be conducted prior to detaching the Gemini capsule. Since the station can only accept a single Gemini capsule at a time it sets the nominal crew of the station at (2) Kerbonauts if using a standard Gemini capsule (such as my SC builds).

The lifter is the Titan III-C which in real life was used as a heavy lifter for many years serving from 1965 to 1982. It is a three stage rocket, two stages with a solid engine booster stage, with the second stage incorporated into the station. The main stage and boosters will fire at launch with the boosters being decoupled once they are depleted, usually somewhere in the mid-atmosphere. The first stage continues well in the upper atmosphere and afterwards the second stage, which is permanently attached to the station, continues the ascent and circularization.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.0.

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