Gemini-Titan II GLV SC1
by gc1ceo
uploaded 2017-07-20
mod ship
#gemini #titan #fasa


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 20
  • Mods: 1


  • FASA

Project Gemini was the next step towards putting a man on the moon and over the course of ten missions were able to largely pull ahead of the Soviet program, with a few exceptions, and effectively demonstrate the skills necessary for a lunar landing. The first mission was Gemini 3 which was largely a test of the Gemini spacecraft’s capabilities and of course the source of the famous corned beef sandwich incident*. This is my bare bones build of the Gemini and its Titan II launch vehicle using FASA parts and can simulate a number of earlier Gemini mission successes.

The SC1 (Standard Configuration 1) version of the Gemini adds additional parts required for docking but does allow for EVAs (spacewalks) such as Gemini IV and rendezvous operations such as Gemini VI-A and VII. The fuel cells on-board the spacecraft allow for lengthy missions (in comparison to my Mercury builds) and for considerable orbital maneuvers which were first demonstrated with Gemini 3. The utility pack’s monopropellent engines have relatively low thrust so keep that in mind for planning your mission accordingly.

The Titan II GLV continued the successes of Titan-based lifters and much like in real life this is a two-staged liquid engine lifter. The first stage should comfortably get you into the upper atmosphere with a small delay recommended between decoupling and firing the second stage’s engine. The second stage has an excessive fuel supply and will finish the ascent process along with orbit circularization. I have kept the fuel supply at full for simplicity and technically it could send the spacecraft to the Mun but it’s not recommended.

The re-entry procedure for the Gemini is a bit different since the retro-engines are in the middle third of the spacecraft. The utility pack (sometimes referred incorrectly as the service module) is decoupled prior to firing the retro-rockets that should give you enough dV to bring you in for re-entry, although if you happen to take the craft to the edge of MKO (Medium Kerbal Orbit) or beyond you may wish to bring your perigee down to at least 200-300km before firing the retro-pack. The re-entry pack is decoupled upon hitting the atmosphere and the landing is handled with a makeshift drogue parachute and a main parachute, both which should be deployed somewhere in the lower atmosphere.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.0.

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