Holy Crap It Works
by gauntletrunner
uploaded 2017-05-16
stock spaceplane

My biggest and bestest SSTO. Delivers a full orange tank to 100Km orbit, and can return to the runway if you’re really good. Challenging to fly but very capable in skilled hands.

quick rundown:
1. To take off, you’ll need the whole runway. Pull up hard just before going off the end and lift your nose to 30 degrees, then Carefully let your nose settle down to 20 degrees and SAS will hold it there.
2. You will climb at just below mach 1. At 7Km, drop your nose to 10 degrees and activate nukes.
3. Let SAS hold your nose in a very slow rise as you accelerate.
4. You should reach 1200m/s by the time your engines start to peter out. Switch rapiers to closed cycle and burn for 100Km apoapse.
5. You may have some oxidizer left, but the nukes should be able to ensure you can circularize either way.
6. To re-enter, reduce your periapse to 40Km.
7. When re-entering, set control to the cubesat probe core in the cargo bay, then set SAS to hold prograde. This will keep your nose about 10 degrees above the horizon.
8. Keep your wings level and extend both upper and lower airbrakes.
9. The brakes will get hot. You may not need to, but you should retract them if they come very close to overheating.
10. When landing, use only the upper airbrakes to slow down. You should be able to set it down at about 80 m/s. Set it down GENTLY.

Have fun!


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 228
  • Pure Stock
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