ToastX ITS
by flyingontoast
uploaded 2016-10-12
stock ship
#spacex #its #lander #booster #stock


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 1382
  • Pure Stock


The ToastX ITS is a replica SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System, built entirely in stock KSP 1.2. Built with 1382 of the finest parts, its root part is MassiveBooster.

Flying this beast is very difficult. Extremely low TWR forces the ship to ascend slowly off the pad, and the 1382 part count doesn’t really help. It does work, though, and after a few attempts you should be able to get it to fly, land, and return. Flight plan detailed below.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.0.

On launch: Be sure to auto-strut the fairing to the heaviest part before pressing space or you’ll turn into a wet noodle and the craft will snap. I couldn’t do this in the VAB since I needed to strut the fairing itself rather than the base. Ascend practically vertical until you reach between 100-120 km, depending on your target orbit. You’ll honestly probably have a hard time getting the thing to do anything anyway.

En route to your AP, you should stage and prepare for your booster to land, if you so choose. While flying this I simulated the booster landing and just reverted the quicksave, it’s near impossible to do the booster landing and make it back to the lander before it gets deleted otherwise.

To land the booster, do your standard boostback burn. On descent, having about 1500 dV left is what you’ll probably want. You may need to use all the engines to slow down, depending on when you do your burn. This thing falls QUICK. You should be able to land it anywhere, but there are some emergency drogue chutes just in case something goes wrong. As long as you can pull off a landing AT KSC itself, or at least somewhere perfectly flat, you probably won’t need them. The brakes AG will deploy the airbrakes and assist you (barely). Once you manage to complete the booster return, you can go back to the lander/quicksave, depending on what you did for the ascent. Fair warning, I didn’t even try to land back on the pad and you’ll most likely blow the thing up touching it at less than 1 m/s. Personally, I wouldn’t try it with the booster, but send me a DM somewhere with some screenshots if you pull it off.

Back at the lander, you should be able to use most of the fuel remaining in the lander to circularize. Like the SpaceX rocket, my ITS launches with just enough fuel to reach orbit. You WILL need to refuel this to do a mission anywhere, I replaced my nose with fuel tanks and sent a fully fueled tanker ITS replica to do the job, but you can always do it with conventional rockets.

After refueling, head off to your destination. Fully fueled, ITS has about 4000 dV so you should be able to get mostly anywhere. At some point (I typically do this in space, the legs can be a bit buggy), you’ll want to deploy your landing legs. Spam action group 9 to undock all the ports and zoom into the landing gear in the gear bays to deploy them and push the gear into its deployed position. You may need some engine assistance, which is why I suggest doing this in space. Once all 3 legs are deployed, be sure to right-click them and auto-strut and allow rigid attachment, otherwise your legs will flap around like wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men. You should be safe to land once all legs are stable. I have landed this in gravity no higher than 1.0 g safely, land on higher gravity bodies at your own risk.

Upon landing, assuming you survive, you’ll need to deploy the drill, activate the ISRU, and wait. You may want to consider adding more drills to it, the mission to Duna took 4 years to complete due to refueling with the single drill. Once you’re refueled, you should be able to ascend and return to Kerbin relatively easily. Be careful if you try to retract the legs, they can glitch out and not slide back into the tube. YMMV.

If you do decide to try and retract the leg, the process for deploying them is just reversed. Spam 9 to undock the ports and right click the lower stock landing legs to push them back up. They may potentially get stuck, so you should be able to fix that with action group 8 and the Puff engines. As long as everything lines up correctly, they should slide right back in.

Good luck flying this, you’ll need it. Let me know if you have any questions about this beast.

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