Santa Kerman's Sleigh
by flyingontoast
uploaded 2016-12-20
stock ship
#santa #sleigh #christmas #replica


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 566
  • Pure Stock


Happy holidays! Santa Kerman’s Sleigh is the vehicle Santa Kerman himself uses to deliver Kristmas presents to all of Kerbin. From Santa’s workshop on the north pole of Minmus, Saint Kerman himself can fly this vehicle to Kerbin and back very easily. His 8 classic reindeer, with Rudolph guiding the sleigh, will ensure a safe flight. Don’t mind the flames, they are only cosmetic and should not cause major bodily harm to Santa or his reindeer.

If you do wish to guide this sleigh tonight, please be sure to carefully enter the atmosphere. If you do it wrong you might actually cause some major bodily harm to Santa and his reindeer. We wouldn’t want that, otherwise the poor Kerbals wouldn’t have Kristmas anymore. During flight testing, Santa only managed to land the sleigh safely at the North Pole once. Jebediah was brave enough to try and managed to survive (somehow), but even Jeb himself doesn’t have enough magic in his body to pilot the sleigh to safety.

Disclaimer: due to low holiday cheer, the magic of Kristmas is not enough for the sleigh to fly with only the reindeer. The Kerbals say they’re too busy rescuing the orange-suits from the Mun again to carol and spread any holiday cheer. To supplement, massive amounts of rocket power are needed to move the sleigh. It’s intended to take off of any planet with a surface gravity of 1g or lower. Rest assured, there’s enough fuel in it to go almost anywhere in the solar system (but landing might be dicey) as long as you’re fully fueled up before departure.

In all seriousness, this sleigh has some aerodynamic issues and I had to launch it on the back of a really massive rocket to get it into space. I didn’t include the 300-something part launcher, but by all means please try to get this thing up a bit easier. If the aerodynamic model was better, this thing could easily SSTO (it has about 4,000 dV).

Some screenshots are slightly out of date. The one you’re downloading is the one with the antenna on the side. I believe the only differences between the screenshots with and without the antenna besides that is that the ones with the antenna have an ore scanner to find ore without a preliminary mission. Excess parts could easily be removed if you have the infrastructure in place at your destination for comms and mining prior to flying this.

Built with 566 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3FuselageLFO.100. This craft is 100% STOCK!

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.

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