Kestrel VTOL aka Deathrap
by flipnascar
uploaded 2015-10-21
stock aircraft
#art #stock #VTOL
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This mighty bird preys on any fool that dares to attempt anything other than a gentle potter around the KSC… 20m/s max. 10m/s is the handling sweet spot, above 20 bad things will happen. Also, you cannot dive with it. It will never pull out of it!

A stock aircraft called Kestrel VTOL aka Deathrap. Built with 170 of the finest parts, its root part is noseConeAdapter.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.0.4.

Casts an awesome shadow. Check. Handles like a pig. Check.

Sadly I haven’t yet discovered how to make this thing useful. However, through the magic of the Spider engine it sort of flaps its wings (because of this sometimes some of the canards clip through and look ungainly see pic #3). It has two Klaws for feet. It can land on them fairly well, best bet for survivability is to rock it onto the tail feathers. You may need to retract the gear to unstick it from the ground.

With this you can go and Klaw stuff. I assume. I say that, because I’ve tried and I usually end up crashing. So theoretically possible. Practically speaking, I suppose it’s more a barely functional bird sculpture that seats one Kerbal.

Probably make a good gatekeeper…

There are some serious caveats with this if you want to fly it… Namely 20m/s should be seen as Vne. Bad stuff happens when you fly faster, namely an uncontrollable attraction to rapid disassembly through the medium of solid ground. If you want to descend, nope can’t dive. It can only handle gentle, slow, powered descents. It handles like crap. I had a different prototypical variant that didn’t have feathers in the same way - that flew beautifully. So I’ll blame the form over function argument here.

Takeoff - EVA from the pod if you don’t use Take Command. Board the seat, stage once to fire up engines and retract the ladder. Let them spool up, then release the launch clamps and fly away. If you are successful in tagging something in the claws, you’ll be able to lift a bit of payload. About 2/3rds throttle will give you liftoff (barely) at launch weights. So there is payload capability, if you can get it into the Klaws - I can’t.

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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 170
  • Pure Stock
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