k-2 Comet
by fatology
uploaded 2016-07-04
stock aircraft

No engines on

Here is my last craft before I go on a vacation. The k-2 Comet. The two pros about this craft is that it it lightweight, super maneuverable, and it can also be treated as an infinite glider. Likewise, it can glide for a while which provides for a safe, easy landing for anyone. This plane can take off at a speed of ~40-60 m/s and the fact that you can glide at really slow speeds shows that this plane can indeed be treated as an infinite glider. Additionally, if you have not already noticed, I am making a k-series of vehicles which will not only be aircraft because I admit it, I haven’t been creating any vehicles in the VAB lately. However, I have something planned once my Asteroidestroyer Mini reaches 100 downloads(it has 98 right now (T-T) ). Upvote, download, comment, and follow me for more stuff.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 37
  • Pure Stock

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