Zypher LR SSTO
by evanerv
uploaded 2017-05-07
stock spaceplane
#Stock. #SSTO. #SSTM. #Science. #Laboratory.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 243
  • Pure Stock

Zypher LR SSTO

The Zypher LR SSTO is a long range science craft capable of mobile research and refueling. It has all the science parts necessary for the collection of orbital/surface sciences. For refueling it has a Drill-O-Matic and a Convert-O-Tron 250.
The Ship has more than enough delta V to land on almost anywhere without much need for planetary encounters. Just don’t try Eve…

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.

How to Fly

-Enable the RAPIER Engines and climb
at 15 to 20 degree.
-Reach about 9000m and around
300m/s. Enable Nerv engines till
380m/s then shut Nerv engines off.
Climb at around 15 degree.
-Use RAPIER and climb to over
22000m and 1200 m/s.
-Turn on Nerv Engines and switch
RAPIER to rocket mode and climb to
around 80000m for apoapsis.
-Circularize with Nerv Engines and try
to use the oxidizer to under 1000 units
but save around 500 units for course
corrections and Mun landing burn.

You should have more than 2400 m/s delta V in LKO and should be able to land on Mun with ease.
After refueling on Mun, his craft can easily reach solar orbit with over 4500m/s delta V.

Good Luck


Use forward parachutes and RAPIER rockets for landing. The craft is a bit too heavy to land on Duna like a plane.

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