Zypher Constellation SSTO
by evanerv
uploaded 2017-10-18
(updated 2017-10-18)
stock spaceplane
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Zypher Constellation SSTO

Want to launch deep space missions? Need to wait for planetary encounters? Concerned about not enough delta-V and fuel? Worried about CommNet coverage? Well friends, The Zypher Constellation SSTO is the answer to those questions.

Capable of SSTOing and landing on the surface of Duna in one go, the Zypher is able to travel to 75Km LKO with 2900m/s of delta-V left in the tank. If you fully refuel on Ike, Zypher is then able to travel to Duna orbit with around 5800m/s delta-V remaining.

You can then travel to the Joolian moons without waiting for planetary alignment and orbit any moons without aerobraking.

Just don’t try to land on Eve or Tylo. You may not be able to get back in to oribt!!


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 353
  • Pure Stock

Equipments and Gear

Not to be out matched by its range, the Zypher carries pretty much everything.

-Science- Zypher has all science parts including Lab, belly mounted IR telescope and all 3 scanners.
-Resource- a Drill-O-Matic Exacavator and a Covert-O-Tron 250.
-Energy- 20xRTG, 6xSolar Array XL and stores 40000 units of electricity.
-Communications- a RA-100 Relay Antenna, a Communotron 88-88
-Heat Management- 4xTCS(s) and 4xTCS(m).

How to Fly

-Enable RAPIER Jet engines only.
-Use entire runway and pitch up to 12-15 degrees and be around 300m/s at 9000m.
-Enable Nerv Engines and accelerate to about 370m/s then turn off Nerv Engines.
-Climb at 10-15 degrees and dip the nose a little to gain speed beyond 15000m altitude.
-Keep climbing at low angles and accelerating till around 1000m/s at 19000m-20000m.
-Enable Nerv Engines again and try to accelerate and climb to about 1200m/s at 24000m+
-Use KER to make sure plane is still climbing.
-When horizontal speed stops increasing, close intake and switch RAPIER to rocket mode.
-To conserve momentum and reduce drag, pitch plane up slowly and keep at 30 degree.
-When oxidizer decrease to around 2500 units shut off RAPIER engines, but keep Nerv on.
-You should now have an apoapsis of 75Km+ with 2:00+ minuets to apo.
-Use Nerv Engines to circularize and you should have about 2900m/s left.
-You may want to use aerospikes for a slow landing on Duna and Laythe.
-You may want to use aerospikes for assisted take-offs when fully fueled and not at KSC.
-It flies well in atmosphere, as long as you are gentle and don’t pull sharp turns.


The Zypher Constellation SSTO is big and heavy yet surprisingly easy to fly. If you are at a location that has an ore deposit of 10%, it will take less than 5 in game days for the tanks to be fully filled.
With all the parts needed for a deep space science mission and a great range, the Zypher Constellation is the answer to all your deep space needs. And if you can’t fly it or land it…Well, at least it makes a mighty bang!!!


Must use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement or the plane will break up upon landing.
Also maybe due to the large part count and landing gears used, the craft suffers from the BOUNCE BUG.
BE VERY VERY CAREFUL AFTER LOADING AND TIME ACCELERATION WHILE CRAFT IS LANDED!!! The plane may flip over and break parts due to bounce!!!


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