super biplane MKIIIF
by evader
uploaded 2017-10-03
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #SSTA #Infinirange #mining #rover


The single stage to Duna capable Super Biplane MKII was fitted with a heavier payload, sacrificing 1 nuke engine for a light mining rover. This tradeoff makes it SSTA capable when mining. Rover has been upgraded for faster speeds & can dock using its landing struts, unlike the older rover which depended on RCS thrusters to hover. This one can dock in higher gravity worlds. SSTA capabilities includes Tylo.

Same craft as MKIIID but with higher ground clearance to allow the rover to clear the mothership’s underside. Rover now comes with 4 medium wheels for increased speed and stability. A solar panel was added along with a second PB-Nuk RTG and bigger battery to meet increased electric demand of the bigger wheels. Command seat was tilted inwards to enable docking while seated and prevent obstruction from the cargo bay ceiling (due to the kerbal’s big head). The poor kerbal will now have to scrape his face against the wheels while driving. Rover is so light that the kerbal can flip it back over (even in high gravity worlds) by running into it (but be careful not to run into solar panel which would break it). If need to mine in the dark, press the light toggle button while the kerbal driver is outside all crafts. This will toggle their helmet lights and they can then proceed to board the rover.

To dock:
1. align rover by looking from top view, zooming just inside the space plane’s docking port jr so it aligns with the rover’s port while taking care to have clearance at the back of the rover
2. ensure both mothership and rover have brakes on
3. hold F5 to quick save because will likely have to retry following multiple times
4. retract mothership’s landing gear (cannot wait too long after lining up due to kraken forces that are slowly sliding the rover, unsure why)
5. press 7 to deploy micro landing legs (if all goes well, it will push the rover up to dock with the mother ship)
6. press 7 again to retract micro landing legs
7. right click on rover driver
8. press leave seat
9. press 4 to close cargo bay doors
10. if micro landing legs break while following previous steps after docking due to overstressing/kraken forces, hold F9
10.1. ensure micro landing legs are retracted (press 7 if they’re not)
10.2. ensure mothership landing gear are also retracted
10.3. right click on cargo bay
10.4. slowly reduce the cargo bay deploy limit meter, letting the rover settle down each time it bounces
10.5. if all goes well, the rover will be squeezed up until it just manages to dock while keeping the micro landing legs intact
10.6. set cargo bay deploy limit back to 100
10.7. press 4 to close the cargo bay doors

A stock aircraft called super biplane MKIIIF. Built with 51 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2FuselageShortLiquid.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 51
  • Pure Stock
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