Wagner X "Drag Master"
by evader
uploaded 2017-10-21
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #VTOL #swivel #rover #cargo


After the commercial failure of Wagner IX, its successor was stubbornly persued with the goal to best the Moonraker series of crafts. The initial theory that a tilt engine VTOL spaceplane would be more efficient than the fixed VTOL engines used in the Moonraker craft was more than negated by the horrible drag produced by its VTOL hinges while carrying a smaller payload. Almost twice as heavy and large as its competitor and even more unstable and uncontrollable than its predecessor, this craft must remain in a locked heading after transitioning from VTOL or once reaching transonic speeds.¨¨Never-the-less, with improved looks, a nuke engine, and now carrying the same heavy mining rover as its rival, this craft can achieve low Keribn orbit with a lot of luck.¨¨The engineers have repeatedly stressed that the crew cabin super structure on top is not a separate escape spaceplane in case of the likely event of a crash.

Still needs orbital refuelling to reach any other moon or planet. Does not have enough thrust to cruise on jet power alone below stratosphere and hypersonic speeds. Atmospheric re-entry and landing not tested.

Ascent profile:
1. VTOL using forward 2 engines (stage 1 then action group 3) until 400m
2. Activate VTOL forward rotator engines (action group 2) but do not detach (action group 4) until nav ball level indicator drops below horizon but not a split second after that
3. Once attaches, enable all stages and pull up but not too hard
4. Close VTOL bay doors (action group 6) & enable all forward engines (action groups 0 & 5)
5. Pitch nose to 45 degrees until 7km & don’t forget to turn off RCS
6. Turn off vectors (action group 1) and level nose to 25 degrees
7. Turn on vectors (action group 1) once speed starts falling & let auto R.A.P.I.E.R. cycle mode take over
8. Steady until around 74km periapsis
9. Level out nose to horizon around 50km & set thrust to 1 notch above 0/off position
10. Set nav point to circularize orbit
11. Go all out using all engines including nuke
12. Finish off burn using nuke if oxydizer runs out
13. Refuel in orbit using VTOL engine docking ports (either underneath wing tips or above them depending if in VTOL or horizontal flight mode)

Rover docking:
1. Kneel down nose of spaceplane by retracting nose landing gear only
2. Open both front loading ramp and top cargo bay doors
3. Enable brakes
4. Undock docking port senior
5. Board command seat with engineer
6. After mining/exploring, best to quick save using F5
7. Reverse at high speed while aligned with docking port sr with enough speed to clear the ramp section to reach the flat floor of cargo bay
8. If rover flips/falls to its side then do quick load using F9
9. Immediately enable brakes
10. Switch to spaceplane
11. Extend nose landing gear
12. Switch back to rover & disable brakes
13. Reverse back some more to dock with docking port sr
14. Close cargo bay ramp & top doors

A stock aircraft called Wagner X Drag Master. Built with 152 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2FuselageLongLFO.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 152
  • Pure Stock
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