Brick Flyer D
by evader
uploaded 2018-03-28
(updated 2018-03-28)
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #STOL #mining #Mk3 #rover


The Box Flyer 3D8 was able to deliver the largest rover cargo in the SSTO fleet. Its wide cargo bay could fit in a heavy 2 XL wheeled mining rover. But it had fell just short of meeting the original goal, a 4x4 XL wheeled mining rover.¨¨The brick flyder D delivers on this goal, fitting the biggest rover yet in the lineup with 4 horribly handling and impractical XL wheels.¨¨The SSTO design is shorter, more squat and reaches new levels of ugliness. The cargo bay is a roomier box shape designed for extra drag. Kerbals selected to crew this abomination will need an unprecedented level of stupidity.¨¨The hinge door design on the Box Flyer 3D8 was simply not complex enough and a new over-engineered system was developed. You may notice that this ship carries not 1 but 3 rovers! Introducing the door bot. 2 of these bots decouple and carry the doors with them. Your steering performance will vary, just don’t expect to go racing with them. They also act as secondary mining rovers but are only able to convert ore to monopropellant onboard.¨¨Also improved are the addition of 2 nuke engines and the overall weight from the Box Flyer 3D8 was reduced.

A stock aircraft called Brick Flyer D. Built with 285 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3CargoBayM.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.4.2.

Created as a self challenge to see what is the biggest rover I can reach orbit with in an SSTO while keeping it in an internal cargo bay (it has to be able to load and unload rover on the ground and no fairings allowed!).


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 285
  • Pure Stock
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