Omni Sphere II
by dcchillin46
uploaded 2018-10-07
stock ship
#relay #satelite #comunications #science #explore

Capable of deploying a relay network in a single launch. Its a bit expensive but these things can go anywhere. Contains 8 RA-15 dishes and 1 RA-100 all equipped with reaction control and ion engines.

The Launcher is fully reusable and the payload bay contains science experiments. This makes it the perfect craft to lead with when starting to explore a new system and perfect to use as a lFirst craft when using the rest of my interplanetary infrastructure!

Top tank of the lifter is disabled for return to Kerbin. You may have to circularize with the transfer stage. It has plenty of Dv, this is the version I sent to Jool. On launch try to keep the turn gradual. Also keep the TWR about 2.5-3 max by throttling down as you burn fuel.

This craft is part of my Interplanetary Infrastructure Hangar:
Omni Sphere II
Advanced Crew Transport
Nova Odyssey
Advanced Crew Lander


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 307
  • Pure Stock
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