Gloster Javelin FAW8
by chaseAEd
uploaded 2017-02-01
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
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Summary: British twin-engine t-tailed delta-wing subsonic night and all-weather interceptor in use from 1956-1968. This later version had more powerful engine, with reheat, four Firestreak AAMs, and a revised wing with drooped leading edge for improved performance.
The Gloster Javelin was the RAF’s first purpose-built all-weather interceptor aircraft, and the first twin-engine delta-wing jet fighter design to be brought into service by any airforce.
The Javelin was very advanced for its time, suffered from considerable teething problems, and was subject to constant, costly revisions and tweaking from 1954-1960, such that over 10 versions existed by 1959. Earlier versions did not fully meet the brief, but by 1956 the upgraded Javelin had finally met requirements. From the Gloster Javelin FAW 1 (see model) to the FAW 7 standard of 1956, additions included vortex generators on wings for improved stall characteristics, an all-moving tailplane, additional fuel tanks, new, more powerful Sapphire 7 engines with 48.9kN thrust each, a powered rudder, extended rear fuselage, and the capability to carry Firestreak air-to-air-missiles.


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Progress was so fast that before production of the ordered tranche of FAW 7s had been completed, Gloster had already introduced the FAW 8 standard (this model). This included all features of the FAW 7, but with an upgraded Sapphire 7R engine (with reheat) raising the thrust to 54.7kN at altitude, and a drooped wing leading edge and auto-stabilizer for better handling. Interestingly, the FAW 8’s early reheat system actually led to a loss of thrust when used at low altitude.
A new versions of the Javelin had been under development in the late 1950s; a supersonic version with thinner area-ruled wings, and an attack version capable of carrying bombs. Both fell by the wayside when the British government cancelled most advanced aircraft projects in 1958. This signed the death-warrant for the historic Gloster Aircraft Company, which was absorbed into BAC in 1963. Thus, the Javelin was the last plane Gloster produced.

Although elegant, The Gloster Javelin never saw much glory, and was gradually replaced from 1965-8 by the remarkable supersonic English Electric Lightning.
This model has been built closely to scale and with appropriate systems, colour scheme etc. wherever possible. Model is coloured in the grey-green camouflage of the mid 1960s, and is equipped with Sidewinder missiles to represent the older, British-made Firestreak. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.3.

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