Pirate Ship
by bstew22
uploaded 2016-06-19
(updated 2016-06-21)
stock ship
#pirate #pirateship #captain


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 459
  • Pure Stock

I removed the KAS mods shown screenshot. In case you don’t use it

Pirate Ship

**Edit: Added Walk-The-Plank function, see below:

Specs: - Top Runway Speed: 60 m/s - Top Ground Speed: 55 m/s - Top Water Speed: 10 m/s - 3 Kannons

How to Kaptain the ship:

  • Recommended to select Control from Here directly behind the bowsprit, the front of the ship. Little hidden, but not too hard to find.

  • SAS and RCS is a must

  • Shortcut Keys are 1 and 2, which will deploy the sails.

  • Water Entry: you can enter the waters beyond the runway at approximately 20-25 m/s but it’s risky. DO NOT brake or the air-brakes underneath will blow up. You can enter the water by heading south (turn right on the runway) around 50 m/s, full speed. It’s risky at that speed, but entry is easier.

  • Kannons fire on 3 different stages

  • crows nest is functional

  • Walk the Plank: first, you’ll have to come to a halt somewhere. Decouple the docking port on the plank and (hopefully, with tests it’s worked 9/10 times) the plank will fall down and dock. You may need to ..ahem…rock the boat a little.

I don’t remember the root part. There are a lot of parts.

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