Apollo SaturnV - Fairings Only Mod
by blenderman
uploaded 2014-09-30
mod ship
#Apollo #stock #fairing #saturnV
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This Saturn V replica rocket equipped with an escape tower and capsule shield can take three kerbals to the Mun in an Apollo style mission. ¨F1 - deactivates lems decent engine after landing the LEM

A mod rocket called Apollo SaturnV - Fairings Only Mod. Built with 329 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark1-2Pod.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 0.23.5.

LINK to album of images

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  • NASAmission (stock)
  • ProceduralFairings
  • Squad (stock)
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  • Type: VAB
  • Style: ship
  • Part Count: 329
  • Mods: 3
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Notes about the build and craft setup:

You will notice that many of the fuel tanks are NOT FULLY FUELED. I have intentionally done this both to compensate for the severe clipping I did for the lower stages (so we are not abusing the physical space with more fuel than could really be in there!) and to balance the weight and DV need for each stage. First stage should get you into the second layer of the atmosphere. Second stage should get you almost to circular orbit (you donʼt want to make orbit with it, so it de-orbits. The third stage should complete orbital circularization and have more than enough to get you to a trans Munar transfer and impact trajectory to the Mun. CM and LEM modules should have enough fuel to complete the rest of the mission and even provide more for emergencies.

  • Emergency and Abort procedures/options:

  • A functional escape tower abort is available with the Abort button from launch through atmospheric / pre orbit.

  • In case of Munar landing emergency or imminent impact - you can stage off the decent stage and use the assent engine to return to orbit (hopefully)

  • Command module / service module should have enough fuel and RCS to provide emergency return to Kerbin and additional maneuvers.

  • Never, ever, ever, try to use the LEM as a lifeboat or use its engines to push the Command module int trans Munar/Kerbin trajectories ;-)

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Flight instructions and Profile - successful problem free plan A - Z:

A. Rocket WILL WOBBLE a lot when physics first loads - this is normal and ok.

B. “T” key to turn on ASAS / Full throttle / launch

C. Start 90 degree heading gravity turn slowly at 7ish km - to 45 degree at 11km. Thottle management as needed below 12km below 200 - 250 mps

D. “X” off throttle before staging / gradual throttle increase for second stage to full

E. push Apoapse to 75 or 80 km. throttle off “X” - coast up to apo

F. use second stage to begin circularization - “X” throttle before peri rises above 20km so that second stage will de-orbit!

G. Stage to eject escape tower and capsule shroud - to de-orbit them.

H. With throttle off, or minimal, stage off second stage / activate third stage to complete orbital circularization. (wont take much!)

I. set node to burn to Mun. make it an IMPACT no peri at moon intercept! (this allows third stage to impact Mun after we take the lander out)

J. cruise out to half or 2⁄3 of the way to the Mun before Munar encounter, drop from time warp and POINT PROGRADE…. STAGE to release Command module and reveal Lander.

K. use RCS to slow forward momentum of staging… rotate capsule and dock to Lander.

L. HitStagetoreleaseLander(mighthavetohittwiceiffirstdoesnothing)

M. RCS thrust to back away from third stage. Hit Stage again to activate service moduleʼs engine.

N. Set maneuver node To increase periapse on Mun to 25 or 30km for CM and LEM

O. retro burn at Mun Peri to capture and circularize orbit around Mun.

P. transfer crew to lander, undock and plan a retro burn to decend above where your planned landing zone is.

Q. standard landing profile… burn off horizontal speed and land vertical (dont forget landing gear deployment. )

R. Upon landing… hit action group 1 key to deactivate decent engine. and extend EVA ladder.

S. EVA - plant flag etc.

T. confirm you shut down decent engine with action key 1 in prior step “R”, throttle to about 1⁄3 or so… stage to lift off. if your thrust is low enough nothing blows up on the decent stage, otherwise the decoupler might explode but should not cause damage to the ascent module.

U. Rendezvous with the CM. You should have enough fuel. If not, RCS is sufficient to get you there.

V. transfer crew to CM, undock LEM… (lem has a probe body so you can turn it retrograde, throttle up and let it crash to the Mun - switch back to CM.

W. do a munar escape and trans kerbin burn to bring yourself into a renetry periapse

X. decouple service module when reentry is assured.

Y. pop chutes after rentry at velocity of 200mps or less.

Z. splashdownintheocean(surfacelandingokto..butnotveryApollo)

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