SAFE Tours 16
by blakemw
uploaded 2018-01-08
stock ship
#suborbital #tourism

Suborbital Tourism Rocket

Part of the SAFE Tours Series
(Suicidal And Fun Experiences)

Relying on minimal upgrades (Launchpad 1, Mission Control 1 to populate with tourists) this Tourism Rocket / Plane hybrid will carry 16 lucky tourists straight up to the edge of space then straight back down. Designed to milk suborbital tourism.

Built to exacting hard career safety and reliability standards, this model comes with an airplane Cockpit for improved pilot safety.

This model comes with a 100% survival guarantee (does not cover pilot error). It is designed to land on its tail, but won’t take damage from tipping over. No-one will die in case of a splashdown but the boosters might break (however unless you steer it will come down over land). Not rated for mountain landings, but you need to deliberately steer to actually reach the mountains.

You can use 4x physics warp with no problems.

Flight Instructions

  • Hit spacebar to launch. You can leave SAS off or turn it on. You can steer a little if you like, but it’ll pretty much go straight up.
  • Go up.
  • Come back down - the rocket will automatically point its nose downwards.
  • As the rocket falls below around 20000m you should start pulling up. At this point you’ll also have enough traction that you can steer towards the KSC.
  • You can glide a significant distance at ~3000m.
  • Deploy parachutes before hitting the ground.
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