by atassiedevil
uploaded 2017-05-14
stock spaceplane
#BSG #Raptor #Galactica

So, i finally managed to refine and deliver the Raptor.

NOTE :- while it has a VTOL lift engine, game dynamics will not allow a craft of this weight or size to do VTOL to orbit from Kerbin.

You CAN use the aerospike engine for assisted short takeoffs and landings, and to visit the smaller moons etc.

It is an SSTO, so wil achieve orbit and return to KSC.

It has pretty much every science option you can expect, seats 6 as expected, and also has a grapple, and three external docking ports.

Action groups are as follows.

  1. Toggle Rapiers between open and closed cycle

  2. Toggle Twitch engines

  3. Toggle Rapiers on and off

  4. Toggle Aerospike on and off

  5. Toggle SAR lights on side of ship

  6. Toggle nose lights

  7. Toggle internal cargo bay lights.

To reach orbit, reach at least 11km, drop the nose and engage the twitch engines once past 300m/sec

Accellerate to past 410m/sec and turn off the twitch engines. From there orbit should be easy.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 163
  • Pure Stock

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