Cylon Heavy Raider
by atassiedevil
uploaded 2017-05-29
stock ship
#BSG #Galactica #Cylon #Heavy #Raider


A Stock Spaceplane called Cylon Heavy Raider.

Built with 235 parts.

This is a stock clone of the Cylon Heavy Raider from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica Series.

It’s heavy at 182 Tons, but will manage Orbit and Return to KSC without difficulty. It is difficult to fly in atmosphere as the offset cockpit means it will pull to the right on high G turns.

You have 3 large Docking ports. 2 External, one internal.
4 Medium Docking ports, 3 internal, one external.
1 small external docking port.
(This should allow you to dock crew containers, equipment, extra fuel tanks etc to allow multi role operations)

4x Aerospikes should allow STOL landings, or VTOL from most moons and solar bodies.

To achieve orbit, reach 12,500m altitude, put the nose 20 degrees down and accelerate past 450m/sec, and slowly pull up. You should aim to be accelerating and level no lower than 6,500m. Climb out to orbit.

Engines are manual toggle, so throttle completely back when airbreathing mode stops, and apply throttle in stages, so the craft does not flip end over end.

Extend out to orbit, and have fun.

Action groups are.

  1. Toggle Rapiers between open and closed cycle.
  2. Toggle Aerospike Engines for landing mode.
  3. Toggle Rapiers on and off.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 235
  • Pure Stock

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