Antech Industries J.220
by antimatterkill
uploaded 2020-05-15
(updated 2020-05-16)
stock+DLC aircraft

The Antech J.220 is a moderately sized dual purpose cargo plane, originally designed for use as a passenger jet. The J.220’s development cycle was mired in confusion. Eccentric modern aesthetics mixed with obsolescent technologies make the J.220 an underdog in most roles, a critical flaw that would have killed the project under normal conditions; however, Antech’s marketing department insisted on making slight improvements to the existing prototypes, and selling a small production run of finished aircraft as a relatively cheap airliner that could be readily repurposed as a cargo plane. The improved model that was released for sale included a 3rd engine stuffed haphazardly into the tail, a hydraulic lift near the aircraft’s center of mass, and an extension of the fuselage. The upgrades added some slight teething pains in terms of maintenance. While the integrated engines in the fuselage could be easily accessed by technicians standing on the wings, the 3rd tail mounted engine requires clunky scaffolding to reach. at $64,992,000 per unit, the J.220 falls well within average territory for a plane of its size. Weather or not sacrificing performance for versatility is worth its moderate price tag is something that only the consumer can decide.

[the flaps on this plane are only for landing.
please review this challenge submission in comic sans]


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 127
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.9.1

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