Acro-X V2
by _dan
uploaded 2024-03-17
| Version 2 of 2
stock+DLC aircraft
#thrustvectoring #cobra #supermaneuverable #juno #aerobatic


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 58
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.12.5

A Classic Returns

The legendary Acro-X is back!

Improvements to the Original Design:
  • Longer, nicer looking fairing nosecone and tailcone
  • Better Aesthetics (More balanced and sleek)
  • Better Tuned Controls
  • A New, completely redone H2A+1 3-Axis TVC (Thrust Vector Control) System, the original only had 2 axes of vectoring
  • All of the engines now gimbal (Pitch & Yaw for the center engines, Roll for the wingtip engines)
  • Centralized Flight Computer stored in the nosecone
  • Better use of airframe weight (Only 200kg mass increase with all of the new features)
  • Improved Post-Stall Maneuverability
Oh yeah, It’s back and better than ever! Expect this plane to perform the most complex of aerobatic maneuvers, such as:

This is a pretty quickly put-together release from me, but it’s a long awaited one at that! The Acro-X was initially just a fun project that I released on KerbalX but it ended being a DLA classic that lives on to this day. It’s exploits with DLC Hinge Thrust-Vector-Control systems have inspired a lot of other very impressive craft, most notably Kyloporg‘s experimental jets and SU-35, using the same technology, just scaled up.
I’m really glad that my craft have inspired a lot of interesting ideas and concepts, and I hope this one will too!
And plus, if you really want to be a supermaneuverability nerd, try out this NASA article here.

Do a Barrel Roll!

(StarFox reference)

A stock aircraft called Acro-X V2. Built with 58 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark2Cockpit.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.5.

Acro-X V2: Control Modes

1. Neutral

5. Yaw Left

2. Pitch Up

6. Roll Right

3. Pitch Down

7. Roll Left

Additional TVC System Info

The Acro-X’s H2A+1 Thrust Vector Control System is fairly simple by construction and programming, using the KAL-1000 computer family as the basis. 3 KAL units are located in the nose of the aircraft, with one for each axis of control. The Acro-X is equipped with a total of six G-00 electric servo-hinges, the center two engines have 2 hinges each (one for Pitch and one for Yaw) while the wingtip engines have 1 each for Roll. The angle stops in the hinges are set at 20 degrees in any direction, but the customer may alter the TVC deflection at their taste.

4. Yaw Right

<- The H2A+1 Flight Computer, the heart of the Acro-X’s Thrust Vector Control System. It’s fully re-adjustable and re-programmable to achieve peak performance, but the factory calibration is recommended for easiest flight experience.

Picture Gallery

DLA Clasics, New & Old.

Acro-X V2

Acro-X V1

Halby takes off to practice her aerobatic routine (Jeb was busy).

The revamped 3-axis TVC system in action.


Hovering Low & Slow.

The New Acro-X from above.


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