Magic Bus (Stock)
by Zebulonious
uploaded 2016-02-28
(updated 2016-12-10)
stock lander
#experience #crew #kerbals #skills #levelup


Do you sigh every time you visit your level zero Kerbals in your Astronaut Complex sitting around, listening to music and playing pool? Put down those pool cues and go on a trip! With Zebulonious' Short School Buses and Tourism Systems' Magic Bus, you can take 18 of your bored Kerbals to the Mun, Minmus and Ike and get them promoted to level four! Level four scientists produce 17 times the science as a level zero newly hired scientist. Imagine the productivity increase your level four scientists will have in their Mobile Processing Labs (sold separately.) Don’t like sitting on Minmus as your rookie engineer only multiplies your mining speed by five? Spend less time mining and more time crashing with the 21x multiplier your level four engineers will provide! Your level zero pilots will barely have time for manicures and crew rest before the ore hoppers are full. Magic Bus also doubles as a limousine service for those wild raves on Minmus' Greater Flats!
A stock rocket called Magic Bus (Stock).
Built with 88 of the finest parts, its root part is dockingPortLarge.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lander
  • Part Count: 88
  • Pure Stock
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