"Vaquita" Class Cargo SSTO
by Yakuzi
uploaded 2017-11-01
(updated 2017-11-01)
stock spaceplane
#YAK #stock #SSTO #spaceplane #cargo


The OSP40A-T Vaquita class cargo transport is a stock SSTO spaceplane that hauls an orange tank (36t) to a 72 km circular Kerbin orbit. With ~5 sec fuel left in LKO, it has quite a narrow margin of error so be sure to check out the ascent profile below. The Vaquita is also great for burning donuts around the VAB if that’s your thing (I know it’s mine, just remove the payload and drain the rocket fuel tanks). Built in the SPH in KSP 1.3.1 by Yakuzi.
NB: Open the cargo bay to use the RCS thrusters.

Action groups:
[1] Toggle RAPIER engines
[2] Switch RAPIER mode
[3] Toggle Panther engines
[4] Switch Panther mode
[5] Toggle air brakes
[0] Toggle cargo bay

Ascent profile:
1. Press Z, T, 1, 3 and 4
2. At the end of the runway, pitch up until your prograde marker hits 10 degrees attitude
3. When the Panthers flame out (~1000 m/s), press 3
4. When starting to lose speed (~1350 m/s), press 2 to switch to closed-cycle mode
5. Don’t let your heading marker get too far from the prograde marker
6. When apoapsis =~72 km, turn off the engines and switch SAS to prograde
7. Circularise at ~apoapsis

Descent profile:
1. Burn retrograde until periapsis =~35 km
2. Press 1 and 3 to switch to Panther engines, level wings and set SAS to prograde
3. At 52 km, set SAS to stability assist, keep attitude between 10-40 degrees
4. At 1200 m/s (Surface), set SAS to prograde followed by stability assist at prograde
5. Adjust attitude according to distance to landing site
6. Approach runway at ~80 m/s, flare and touch down


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 66
  • Pure Stock

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