"Nova" Class Spaceplane
by Yakuzi
uploaded 2016-04-06
(updated 2017-10-27)
stock spaceplane
#YAK #SSTO #Stock #Spaceplane #Cargo


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 64
  • Pure Stock

Since KSP v1.1, Squad decided to ‘fix’ the attachment rules of Mk2 fuselages. This has led to some unexpected/inconsistent/buggy behaviour when rotating Mk2 fuel parts, so you may find that some of these parts are flipped over (aesthetics issue only). If this bugs you, please send me a pm for the pre-1.1 part configs and message Squad about a fix :). There’s a topic about it on the forums here.


Stock SSTO spaceplane 2-seater with cargo, passenger and fuel variants. Change variants by detaching the docking port, deleting the cargo bay and inserting the prefered modules before re-attaching the docking port. Make sure the craft is controlled from the Mk2 Drone Core. Built in the SPH in KSP 1.3.1 by Yakuzi.

Action groups
[1] Toggle RAPIER engines
[2] Switch RAPIER mode
[5] Toggle air brakes
[8] Toggle antenna
[9] Toggle cargo bay
[0] Toggle docking bay

Ascent profile

  1. Press Z, T, then 1

  2. Auto liftoff at 120 m/s, set and forget attitude of 10 degrees.

  3. When starting to lose speed at ~1450 m/s, press 2 to switch to closed cycle mode

  4. Burn to desired apoapsis (tested <=100 km LKO), set SAS to prograde

  5. Circularise at ~apoapsis

Descent profile

  1. Burn retrograde until periapsis of 30-35 km

  2. Press 2 to switch to air-breathing mode, level wings and set SAS to progade

  3. At 70 km, set SAS to stability assist, keep attitude between 30-40 degrees

  4. At 1200 m/s (Surface), set SAS to prograde followed by stability assist at prograde

  5. Adopt a glide angle of -15 to -20 degrees

  6. Approach runway at ~80 m/s, flare and touch down

Nova (left) and Super Nova (right) variants

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