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The Au-400. Developed by Aier Unlimited (CA), it was notable for being the first aircraft to serve on the New Age carriers. Prototype testing was started in 2061, and by 2063 there was a factory completed for the production of the Au-350. Compared to other pre-existing carrier borne aircraft, the Au-350 was renowned for its speed, service ceiling and range.
Despite these advantages, it fell short in multiple areas, such as maneuverability, and accidents while landing were common due to the lack of any form of airbrake. In 2066, the design was revisited, and within a year the new model was introduced, the Au-400. The Au-400, compared to its predecessor, was slightly faster with a slightly increased service ceiling. This was due to the aircraft using new engines, as well as a redesigned intake to try to increase the amount of air the compressors could get their hands on. The Au-400 also featured roll surfaces that could deploy as flaps, and a set of reverse thrusters for use during steep decent and deck maneuvering.
Being the first of the New Age carrier fighters, there was little interest in the project overall, with a mere 87 aircraft being produced for Canada exclusively. In 2073 a large number of Canada’s carrier borne fighters were replaced by Ta-164s, but certain captains chose to keep 3-4 Au-400s due to their incredible speed and endurance advantage over the 164, and some have continued to serve in conflicts even through the 2080’s, with two full squadrons of unique Au-400s even fighting through the Second Korean War in the 2100’s.
Aier Unlimited was absorbed over by Tarken in 2070, after multiple years of extreme financial hardships. The Au-400 was their final aircraft.
Au-400 Extra
CC : 100
RC : Structural Fuselage MKI
Produced by Aier Unlimited (CA)
Serial Production Date : 2063/2073


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 100
  • Pure Stock
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