RV-10A Fuel Truck
by XLjedi
uploaded 2017-11-18
(updated 2018-07-29)
stock rover
#Fuel #truck #rover #tanker #refinery

1.4.5 Craft File Update

• EZ-Swap Tech Enabled!
• Test Track Survived and 1.4.5 Approved!

  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 93
  • Pure Stock

EZ-Swap Design Notes

Pretty excited about this 1.4.5 update! Cosmetically, the RV-10 Fuel Truck does not look significantly different from prior versions as you can see from the updated blueprint below. The big improvement in mission capability comes in a design improvement to the craft file that incorporates the UT patented EZ-Swap design philosophy that I have built into many of my other craft designs.

Mission critical parts (in this case the Main and Auxiliary Fuel Tanks) are sequenced into the craft design structure in such a way that they are easily removed and can be replaced with alternative fuel storage options! So rather than posting 6 different variants on the same design, you can easily convert the RV-10 to it’s alternative variants in the SPH at design time:
RV-10A variant = Avgas
RV-10R variant = Rocket Fuel
RV-10M variant = Monopropellant
RV-10O variant = Ore Transport
RV-10X variant = Xenon Gas
RV-10T variant = It’s a secret (tee hee hee) and maybe my favorite!


With its unique Fuel Claw connector, the UnTech Motoworks RV-10 Fuel Truck can quickly transfer up to 1,000 units of fuel between craft at remote locations. The A variant carries liquid fuel only.

A stock aircraft called RV-10A Fuel Truck. Built with 93 of the finest parts, its root part is structuralIBeam2.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.4.5.

Thanks for downloading! Go try it out… and if you like the design, your up-votes do make me happy and are a great way to encourage posting another design. ;-D

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