HCS-16 Hurricane
by XLjedi
uploaded 2017-09-01
(updated 2018-07-01)
stock base
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1.4.4 Craft File Update:

• Complete Marine Turbine Retrofit!
• Hydroplane Cruise capability restored
• Part count increased to 457

  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 457
  • Pure Stock

Marine Turbine Tuning Sea Trials Complete!

This update was required for 1.4.4 to add stability and lift capability of the hydrofoils, but in the process a few other nice features were added/adjusted.
• New upper engineering deck boom cranes! If KAS winches are attached, you can hoist stuff up to the hangar and flight deck
• Stern seablades height adjusted to apply less downforce on the forward blades
• Mid-ship seablades adjusted for increased leverage/lifting capability and stability
• Removed mid-ship bulkhead to improve aerodynamics
• Adjusted vertical stabilizers for improved yaw control at speed
• Additional boarding ladders have been added so Kerbals have more options to climb out of the water
• Added disposable drydock deployment gear. The craft can now drive itself to the water for deployment!
• Additional bow lighting added for nighttime ops
• Redesigned Foc'sle winch opening to allow KIS/KAS crates and Kerbals to be hoisted up and stored on deck
• Added a Mk1 Command Pod to the Foc'sle equipment mount area to allow quick and easy crew transfer
• Priority vessel name set to maximum of 20

Marine Turbine Retrofit

The 1.3.1 game update (and later versions) changed the way the Goliath engines function when stacked. As a result, 2 of the 4 Goliath’s on each side were rendered useless for thrust on the Mk 1 UTMD Storm Force Marine Turbines. After an extended overhaul in dry dock, the turbines were upgraded to a Mk 2 variant design that is now fully compatible with version 1.4.3 and later.


The Untied Technologies Marine Division (UTMD) HCS-16 Hurricane Hydrofoil Cruiser. 400 tons of awesome ocean-blasting power and capable of Storm Force speeds in excess of 200 knots!

A stock aircraft called HCS-16 Hurricane. Built with 457 of the finest parts, its root part is cupola.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.4.4.

HCS-16 Hurricane Sea Trials

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