Sleg X-35A Adikia
by XB-70A
uploaded 2016-12-05
(updated 2018-01-26)
stock spaceplane
#Shuttle #X-Craft #X-38 #liftingbody


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 82
  • Pure Stock


Before starting I have to say the story of that craft is really particular to me.

About two years ago one health problem and dishonest medics definitely condemned me to realize my sole and only dream for the next years. Caught in a depression I discovered KSP as refuge, a place where some possibilities were still possible but enraged by the failures after failures of my craft I came here, on KerbalX, to find some solutions and between the dozen of files I downloaded one was the most charming to me : the X-38 by Flakbadger.
I flew it a lot of times to my sole space station just for the fun, then lost all of my craft files some months after.

Once restarting under 1.0.5 it was only with craft made from my hand but still I was thinking about the little X-38.

So now comes a craft inspirated from the memories of that great vehicle, the X-35A Adikia.
Named after the Greek goddess of injustice the X-35A is a shuttle consisting of a two stage launcher and the orbiter.
The launcher is a direct inspiration of Atlas V, multiple Reliant and Swivel roughly imitating the RD-180 while the second stage is made like a Centaur with two Swivel ensuring the propulsion.
Just by itself the launcher got around 2.8 km/s of delta-V in the atmosphere.

The orbiter for its parts got 1427 m/s available in the atmosphere for 1688 m/s in vaccum. More than enough to realize some transferts to two stations on the same flight.
Two Spark engines ensure enough punch to accelerate quick enough without having to wait for another circle to meet your target orbit.

Update I: a whole new remodeling of the first and second stage. The launcher is not recoverable anymore, but the removal of guidance unit, batteries and Vector greatly lowered the price of each launch.
A puppy called Sleg X-35A Adikia. Built with 82 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2DroneCore.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.1.

The traditional album. This time a flight to the Mun.

The re-entry had nothing specific and is really soft, even the use of the body-flap is more aesthetic than useful. Just tranfert the fuel from the front tank to the back one and you will be able to make it without your hands.

Expect a rough landing with a VS around 10 m/s. But the gear will support it. Or you can try an horizontal one around 200 m/s. Crazy but fun.

One full flight and she still got some fuel vapors!

Welcome home!

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