Dawn-3SLB (Zenit-3)
by XB-70A
uploaded 2016-12-13
stock lifter
#Zenit #Rocket


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 99
  • Pure Stock


One simple full stock add. Since a long time the Zenit represent my favorite familly of launchers, then until this morning I never think about making a least one.
The fault now is corrected. As this craft logically can’t equal the original design I named it Dawn.

Some problems with the stock parts were the lack of a small and powerful enough engine to represent the RD-171. Eight Reliant and four Swivel are therefore present on the first stage, ensuring enough thrust to kick the whole launcher to around 25 km before separation.

The worst was to evade the use of the Jumbo-64 orange tank or the hideous X200 and their rolls of fat.
Consequently many FL-T800 small tanks are placed into the 2.5m fairing.

The album coming there after contains screenshot from the qualification flight with a satellite of 5.5 tons. It’s the one that comes with the .craft files. Absolutely useless its sole function was to proove the reliability of the whole system by placing it on a circular orbit of 50 000 x 50 000 km. An unplanified interaction with Minmus placed the apogee to 52 000 km but the third stage and its 2.6 km/s of Delta-V took care of this without any problems.

A stock rocket called Dawn-3SLB (Zenit-3). Built with 99 of the finest parts, its root part is probeStackSmall.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.1.

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