Ariadne 5 ECA / Dual Satellites
by XB-70A
uploaded 2018-01-29
stock lifter
#Ariane #5 #Launcher #Lifter #Comsat


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 131
  • Pure Stock


Here is a simple and full stock imitation of the European launcher Ariane 5 in its ECA (Evolution Cryotechnique type A) variant.
I firstly developed it as a simple launcher which was more than ugly. Using two*Jumbo* 64 tanks and a Vector to imitate the main engine, you can easily imagine how awful it was to look at.
This re-modeled version is now more pleasant, but not only: the performances has been increased pretty well too! The two E.A.P (Etage d'Acceleration a Poudre) consist in a pair of Kickback S.R.B. One of them is settled at 100% of its thrust, while the other is adjusted at 90%, giving some seconds more of acceleration. Then, to replace the Vector and to imitate the real Vulcain main engine, a Skipper has been added. Just like the real engine its thrust is not as great as we could imagine, but once you reach the higher atmosphere, and you eject the E.A.P, it can keep on to accelerate the launcher for around four more minutes (the whole burning time being of a bit more than 5 minutes, about two times less than the real one).

The payload here is consisting in two communication satellites with some good capacity for medium performances. The first being a barrel one, like the old designs, equipped with two antennas, while the second one is much closer from today’s platforms, with four antennas, two solar panels and being cubic.

Then the most important to me with this new version is the presence of the full stock SYLDA (SYsteme de Lancement Double Ariane) imitation. Just like the real one you have to eject the first satellite, then the SYLDA fairing which was covering the lower payload.

However, at the opposite of the real ECA variant, the second stage and its HM7B imitation can be (obviously) restarted, making it being more close to the real Aesthus engine which was equipping the older G and G+ variant.

Evolution Cryotechnique type A

A stock rocket called Ariadne 5 ECA / Dual Satellites. Built with 131 of the finest parts, its root part is probeStackSmall.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.1.

Album of the assembly and the flight.

Initial Climb and Separation des EAP

Fairing release and separation of the first stage after its 5 minutes burn.

First and Second Satellite Release

Respective Burns on two different orbits.

Final Result

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