by Whoop_whoop_pull_up
uploaded 2018-01-13
stock ship

My standard interplanetary manned spacecraft bus, this one with a Duna lander and inflatable heatshield on top. It has a conventional lower stage, with seven Mainsails in asparagus configuration (the last asparagus pair are designed to parachute back to Kerbin to be recovered and reused, as the core stage should have enough delta-v to get into orbit and switch back to the last two boosters before the latter are destroyed in Kerbin’s atmosphere, and the falling boosters stay close enough to each other that having one as the active vessel will usually keep the other within physics range at all times; the core stage has a battery, RGU, antennae, a couple solar panels, and a small fuel tank with its valves locked shut at launch, which can be unlocked manually after the stage has separated and be used to deorbit the stage for recovery), a nuclear middle stage, with five Nervs in asparagus configuration plus four drop tanks that are emptied and jettisoned before any of the Nervs, and an ionic upper stage, with five Dawns backed up by several Gigantor solar arrays and quite a lot of xenon. It’s honestly very heavily overbuilt for going to Duna, but this is mitigated by the ability to park the bus in orbit of Kerbin or the Mun at the end of a mission, refuelling and recrewing it if necessary, and sending it out again rather than reentering or recovering it, and the bus has so much delta-V that it can go a lot further than just the Duna system, or, alternatively, carry several additional payloads to Duna (for instance, if you’ve got a couple contracts to put unmanned probes in Duna or Ike orbit, just attach them to the two docking ports, or mount some additional attachment point somewhere and attach them there, and, once you’re in orbit of Duna, the probes can detach and move themselves to the desired orbit(s)). It can also serve as a space station core in a pinch, thanks to a couple of Clamp-O-Tron Jr. docking ports mounted on the sides. Although built with crew accommodations, it can also operate unmanned; for instance, if you’re sending out a rescue mission or if you’re leaving it as a station orbiting a distant planet for future use.

The bus can also act as a lander on bodies with sufficiently low gravity (Gilly, for instance), although this is not its original intended purpose.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 614
  • Pure Stock
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