by WaveyD
uploaded 2022-01-04
stock+DLC spaceplane
#vtol #ssto #plane

VTOL SSTO Tail sitter

A stock rocket called VTOL SSTO TS. Built with 34 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark2Cockpit.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.12.3.

Small fast SSTO good for a circular orbit approx 90k.


SAS On, toggle Juno and Rapier engines on (custom 8 and 9), select take off flaps (custom 1)

Full throttle, as PWR hits 0.98 retract landing legs.

Tip nose forward and watch the prograde, don’t let it drop too quickly but you can pretty much let the craft fall over, take off flaps produce a lot of lift.

Prograde starts to rise above horizon select slow speed flaps (custom 3), Shut down Juno engines (custom 8)

Speed >120m/s select clean flaps and accelerate at low level to between 600-800m/s. 800m/s good for an apo of 90.

At desired speed select zoom climb (custom 5). Pitch will do its own thing, just check the roll if any. At 45 degrees nose up, select clean flaps again (custom 2)

As rapier becomes starved of oxygen throttle back to zero and switch rapier mode (custom 10)

Use whatever method you choose to then achieve a nice orbit. I usually use a planned burn.

To return to Kerbin start deorbit burn over desert airfield. Either burn all remaining LOX or place trajectory onto the west coast of the KSC land mass. Switch rapier mode to air breathing and shut down the rapier.

Select re-entry flaps and take care to have approx 30 degrees AOA on hitting the atmosphere.

Once re-rentry begins do not touch anything, let it fall, it stays neutral and happy.

Watch the prograde, as it gets to <5 degrees below the horizon select slow speed flaps (custom 3) and place the nose on the horizon. You will now glide a long way very quickly.

KSC arrives, you can start up the Juno engines and fly around but keep flaps to slow speed.

To land approach low, shut throttle, start up the rapier and pull up to the vertical. Depending on speed before pull up may need 30% throttle for the rapier gimbal to assist the nose. Select radial out.

As craft begins to fall select landing flaps (custom 4) they just invert the control authority and activate all flaps in all axis, helps with travelling backwards. Use the throttle to control descent, deploy landing legs and bingo you’re home. Oooops no ladder.

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