VTOL Full Flap Wings
by WaveyD
uploaded 2022-01-04
stock+DLC aircraft

VTOL Full flap wings

A stock aircraft called VTOL Full Flap Wings. Built with 41 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark2Cockpit.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.3.

Simple vtol craft with big flaps for wings.

Toggle lift engines on and off (custom 10)

Toggle Panther on (custom 8) and then simply cycle the thrust limit 0%-100% (custom 9)

After burner toggles with custom 7.

Both engines, including afterburner (3 engine sets) use KALs to alter engine thrust to maintain a usable balance in the hover with fuel usage.

Flaps are extreme. Take off flaps without full throttle will not end well in horizontal flight. Massive drag, a crazy airbrake. Use low speed flaps below 100m/s. Above that use clean flaps. If wanting to go fast, use afterburner and high speed flaps to avoid induced drag. It has some very nasty habits due to the wings being entirely movable.

The lift centre should also shift with fuel usage to maintain trim. However, with the huge canards SAS is great for maintaining attitude, especially during landing and take off. Also as the craft has no thrust vectoring, cockpit RW is essential for vertical flight control.

To land on the main engine cut throttle and once below 100m/s switch to slow speed flaps and line up, then go to landing flaps and use throttle to control sink rate and roll to correct path. Rudder is linked to roll input in landing regime.

Start up engines, toggle panther thrust limit to 100%, take off flaps, full throttle and you are off the ground within a very small distance. Or keep the panther engine thrust at 0%, full throttle and vertical take off.

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