Improved TEL, DF-31, and a Terminal Maneuverable Warhead
by VodkaPutin
uploaded 2015-09-11
stock ship
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  • Squad (stock)
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 279
  • Pure Stock
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Improved TEL and a much improved missile.

Operating instructions:

  1. Drink a bottle of vodka, turn on the SAS

  2. Activate brakes

  3. Fire stage to erect missile (next step is a part of this step)

  4. When the stage goes horizontal, but only on the ‘second swing’ (when it slightly rebounds), stage again and press two (action group) slightly before, during, or after the missile stop

  5. Switch over to the missile, and set to full throttle

  6. Cork a bottle of champagne, checking for any instability in the missile system

  7. Stage twice, watch the missile fly off, switch to missile, and stage off two standoffs

  8. Sit back and watch

Missile Instructions:

  1. When you stage the second stage off, the missile will become aerodynamically unstable. That’s why I suggest you wait to stage off the main booster until you’ve coasted to your desired location.

  2. The second stage is primarily to get the final maneuvering warhead onto target. Once the second stage is fired, use the final stage to get on target at full throttle, but only for a few seconds, and cut off the rockets to conserve some fuel. When you’re under 2000-1000 m, maneuver final stage to target at full power.

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