SSTO J-2 Muna Mk.1
by Val
uploaded 2015-12-26
(updated 2015-12-26)
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #Mun #Lander #Mk1 #Mk2


A small SSTO with a Command Chair lander that can go to the Mun or Minmus.

Made for the Mun and back as light as you can Challenge.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 41
  • Pure Stock
  • Built in the SPH
  • KSP version 1.0.5
  • Cost: 21,155
  • Propulsion: 1 RAPIERs
  • Liquid Fuel: 400
  • Oxidizer: 330
  • Weight: 9.25 t.

Ascent Profile

  1. Full throttle, SAS on, Stage and pitch up 5° at 90 m/s.
  2. When clear of runway Gear up (G) and pitch up to 30° above horizon.
  3. At 10 km start pitching down gently to reach 15° pitch at 15 km.
  4. At 24 km switch RAPIER Mode (Action Group 1)
  5. Keep going at 15° above horizon.
  6. When AP is above 50 km point the nose Prograde.
  7. Throttle down when AP is 85 km.
  8. Circularize at AP.

Returning from Mun

  • Set your Kerbin PE at 55-60 km or your Kerbal will vaporize.
  • Make sure to point Retrograde when Aerobraking.
  • 3-4 aerobraking passes should get your AP below 500 km.
  • Raise PE to where you parked the Spaceplane and plan a rendezvous.

Descent Profile

  1. 80 km orbit. In Map mode, focus Kerbin and turn camera so KSC is facing towards you right above the Navball.
  2. Time warp until your spaceplane is right behind Kerbin.
  3. Put a maneuver node right where you orbit appears from behind Kerbin on the left side.
  4. Pull the retrograde handle until the maneuver is ~100 m/s dV.
  5. Move the maneuver node until the planned orbit intersects the surface through KSC.
  6. Pull the prograde handle until the maneuver is ~80 m/s dV.
  7. Perform the maneuver.
  8. Turn Prograde and time warp till you enter atmosphere.
  9. Keep nose 30° above horizon until around 36 km altitude.
  10. Pitch down to 10° above horizon until altitude is 25 km.
  11. You should be passing over the coast of the landmass where KSC is at 25-30 km altitude.
  12. Pitch down 10°-20° below horizon and aim to pass the mountains at 10 km, at 750-850 m/s.
  13. When you’ve passed the mountains, aim for a point about half the runway length in front of the runway.
  14. At 200 m, flare and aim for the runway.
  15. Touch down with less than 3 m/s vertical speed.

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