SSTMun Z-1 Double-D Mk3
by Val
uploaded 2015-09-22
(updated 2016-10-16)
stock spaceplane
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New: The Mk3 has been updated for KSP 1.2.

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Stock Drone Spaceplane SSTO with a 9-man Lander in the Cargo Bay. Aerodynamically balanced for easy handling during ascent, especially with manual piloting.

The Spaceplane has enough dV to go into orbit around either the Mun or Minmus, launch the Lander and return to Kerbin.

The Lander needs 1 pilot, and has room for 8 passengers. Has plenty dV to land on the Mun or Minmus and then return to Kerbin under it’s own power and land using parachutes.

The Lander can also be launched from the Spaceplane right after the initial burn to the Mun or Minmus. The Spaceplane can then do a small retroburn and return to Kerbin. The Lander has enough dV circularize at the Mun or Minmus, land and return to Kerbin.

The Lander has a small amount of RCS to maneuver out of the Cargo Bay. No docking ports on the Lander.

The Spaceplane is powered by 4 RAPIERs and the Lander by 2 LV-909 Terrier.

Check out the SSTO Z-2 High-Five for a version with larger payload capacity to LKO.

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  • Front shielded docking port, but no RCS (spaceplane).
  • Liquid Fuel: 7620
  • Oxidizer: 6380
  • Dry Weight: 27.3 t.
  • Wet Weight: 97.3 t.
  • Max Payload (Mun): 17 t.
  • Max Payload (Minmus): 17 t.
  • Max Take-off weight: 120 t. (115 t recommended)
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 86
  • Pure Stock
  • Built in the SPH
  • KSP version 1.2.0
  • Cost: 117,909
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Note: The Spaceplane’s Nose Cone has been replaced by a Shielded Docking Port for improved thermal resistance.

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Ascent Profile - Updated for 1.0.5

  1. Brakes on, Full throttle, Stage and let then engines spool up.
  2. Take-off using full runway length and build up speed to 450 m/s at sea level. (Below 300 m)
  3. Pitch up gently to 10° above horizon, without losing speed.
  4. At 7 km start pitching down, so you’re level around 9 km and build up speed.
  5. At ~1200 m/s pitch up slowly to reach 10° above horizon before 12.5 km.
  6. At 22 km switch RAPIER Mode (Action Group 1)
  7. Keep going at 10° above horizon.
  8. At 30 km pitch down to 5° above horizon.
  9. When AP is above 45 km point the nose Prograde.
  10. Throttle down when AP is a couple km above your desired altitude.
  11. Circularize at AP.
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Returning to Kerbin

  • Aim for Kerbin PE at 45 km.
  • You probably need 2 or more aerobrake passes before circularizing or reentering.
  • Use the Lander’s Airbrakes to slow down to below 240 m/s before staging the parachutes.
  • The Lander has a small ability for cross-range using the crew cabins' aerodynamics to steer.
  • Landing the Spaceplane in terrain is possible, but not recommended. Touch down speed should be 55-60 m/s.

If you want the Spaceplane returned to KSC then circularize at 80 km and use the Descent Profile below.

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Descent Profile - Updated for 1.0.5

  1. 80 km orbit. In Map mode, focus Kerbin and turn camera so KSC is facing towards you right above the Navball.
  2. Time warp until your spaceplane is right behind Kerbin.
  3. Put a maneuver node right where you orbit appears from behind Kerbin on the left side.
  4. Pull the retrograde handle until the maneuver is ~100 m/s dV.
  5. Move the maneuver node until the planned orbit intersects the surface through KSC.
  6. Pull the prograde handle until the maneuver is ~80 m/s dV.
  7. Perform the maneuver.
  8. Turn Prograde and time warp till you enter atmosphere.
  9. Keep nose 30° above horizon until your speed is around 1400 m/s. (May need to move fuel around to keep stable)
  10. You should be nearing the coast of the landmass where KSC is at 25-30 km altitude.
  11. Nose down 5°-10° below horizon and aim to pass the mountains at 10 km, at 650-750 m/s.
  12. Nose down further, if needed, and aim for a point about half the runway length in front of the runway.
  13. At 200 m, flare and aim for the runway.
  14. Touch down with less than 3 m/s vertical speed.
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