AC S-4 Speeder Mk2
by Val
uploaded 2016-09-13
stock aircraft
#STOL #Exploration #Science #Jet #Mk1


The AC S-4 Speeder Mk2 is an early career Science & Exploration plane that’s easy to fly and land.

It’s well balanced, Very Short TakeOff and Landing, very maneuverable and good cruising speed.

It can be flown without SAS and minimal use of Trim.

The standard Science package has 1 Thermometers, 1 Goo Experiments and 1 Science Jr.

There’s room for 3 kerbals, but the recommended crew is 1 pilot and 1 scientist, because it’s easier to shuffle them around when there’s one spot open (Crew cabin not allowing passengers to exit)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 30
  • Pure Stock
  • Built in the SPH
  • KSP version 1.1.3

Low Tech tree requirements

It’s powered by 4 Juno Jet engines. 2 for main propulsion and 2 for STOL assistance.

  • Max speed: 280+ m/s at 5 km or higher.
  • Min Landing speed: 15 m/s with Flaps and STOL.
  • Liquid Fuel: 100
  • Dry Weight: 4.7 t.
  • Wet Weight: 5.2 t.
  • Max Take-off weight 5.2 t.

Don’t for get to shutdown STOL engines (RCS) upon touch down.

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