Armadillo 2.0
by Tugarin
uploaded 2018-09-01
stock+DLC rover
#rover #stock #armadillo #tugarin

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you Armadillo 2.0.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 67
  • Pure Stock

This is a new, improved version of its predecessor.
The new version is equipped with a radiator, now you can not worry about overheating expensive equipment!
We also added two antennas for communication!
We completely abandoned solar energy and switched to new radioisotope thermoelectric generators, now our rover is able to work even in the darkest corners of the universe! For an emergency, we have stored four fuel cells, which will help out in the most difficult situation, but before leaving, do not forget to fill a full tank! We did not forget to increase the number of batteries either, we need more energy !!!

As you remember the rover is equipped with an anti-rollover system, we improved it a little and now it works even better, now you definitely will not lie on your back like a turtle!
But that’s not all, as a cherry on the cake we adapted our rover to an independent descent to Mun, you just need to deliver our rover to Mun’s orbit not more than 10-11 km and that’s it! Before the launch, do not forget to put the professionals behind the helm!
By the way, recently it turned out that the rover is able to land on the Dune from an orbit of 70-80 km! Successful landings to you)

Approved by Jeb!

P.S. Soon, a new SSTO is expected to deliver the rover to Mun’s orbit. Thank you for your attention, if something is wrong with the text, then Google is to blame for the translator! From Russia with Love, your Tugarin!

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