Viper CylonTanker v2.05
by Torquimedes
uploaded 2015-10-30
stock ship
#BSG #Battlestar #Galactica #Viper #Cylon
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 165
  • Pure Stock
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  • Squad (stock)
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Oldschool (BSG ‘78) Mk 1 Scout Viper and Cylon Tanker

These two craft were discovered at a crash site on Mun, where investigators speculate the unarmed scout craft rammed the unarmed tanker craft, causing both to crash many yahrens ago. Both were studied and repaired at Kerbin Transfer Station (LKO-80) where they were fitted with a QuadroDock, which allows docking at 120-degree rotations. The Viper is very nimble and can fly around and land on Kerbin, but can’t reach orbit with its onboard fuel. Its limited range suggests it was designed to be launched from a mothership of some kind. The small Cylon Tanker had a pile of robot parts inside, which Bill converted into a remote piloting unit, then slaved the controls to the Viper. He painted “MechJeb” on the control panel as a joke. Then he installed mining and refinery equipment inside the “hammer head” section that used to contain the robots. With these modifications, Jeb Kerbuck can pilot the Viper to conduct long-range reconaissance missions, using the Tanker to ferry the Viper from planet to planet and refuel wherever it can land.

Mission accomplishments:
- Cylon Tanker ferried Scout Viper to Munar orbit
- Tanker landed on Mun to refuel
- Viper landed and docked for refuelling on Mun
- Tanker ferried Viper to Duna orbit
- Tanker landed on Ike to refuel
- Viper landed on Duna and acquired recon data
- Viper launched from Duna to dock in Ike’s orbit and refuel from tanker

Demonstrated capability:
- Tanker carries enough fuel for 8 or so Viper sorties to Duna and back to orbit
- Tanker can refuel on Ike, meet Viper in Ike orbit and ferry Viper back to Minmus.
- From Minmus, Tanker could also ferry Viper to slurp up SCIENCE (and fuel) from the Kerbin, Eve, Duna, Dres and Jool systems.

Surely this Scout Viper will seek out the clues to the lost tribe we’ve been searching for, SO SAY WE ALL!

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