Monoplane Mk1-309 Porpoise
by Torquimedes
uploaded 2017-04-19
stock aircraft
#plane #asymmetric #asymmetrical #jet #hypersonic


Takeoff at half throttle. Fly safe.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 33
  • Pure Stock

Entry for the challenge “The Mastery of One”, where only one of each part is allowed.
Monoplane Mk1 “Porpoise” is made entirely from Mk1 aircraft parts, aerodynamic parts, and wheels. It includes:
- 2 cockpits and a passenger cabin
- 3 frontal intakes plus 3 inline intakes
- 4 jet engines
- 4 wheels
None of the above are balanced so there is a LOT of tweaking of mass, thrust and suspension.

Luckily some of the wing parts are duplicated so I can use two different parts rotated to match. What’s really fun is takeoff/landing with four different size wheels, in a bicycle-outrigger setup like a B-52. Takeoff at half throttle to avoid excessive swerving.

The name “Porpoise” is both structural and functional, referring to the combination landing-gear/radome on the nose, and the tendency of earlier models to buck violently at hypersonic speeds.

It can approach mach 5 at low altitude, or skim the stratosphere for a range of 3000km. Launchable, flyable, and landable. And none of the parts match. Stopping the thing is the hardest part, it takes miles to land it even with airbrakes, but it will float over hill and dale and touch down like a feather if you can keep it level. Three of the four engines can be toggled with action group 1, leaving only the RAPIER for power during final descent.

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