K-35-400 Flounder Plubmoverane
by Torquimedes
uploaded 2016-10-07
stock aircraft


The K-35-400 Flounder Plubmoverane, because a submersible hoverplane is the perfect all-purpose multi-mission committee-approved craft for all short-range Kerbin-based contracts

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.3.

VSTOL operation:
- Engage SAS decisively, and do your best to keep the hover engine pointed down.
- Do not hold the brakes and attempt a vertical takeoff. This model Flounder needs some forward speed to gulp enough air to feed the aft engines, even at their low throttle limit, while the hover engine runs at full throttle.
- Do not panic if the aft engines flame out during takeoff, or flight, or landing, or whenever you slow or turn. They provide slight forward thrust to give a general sense of direction to your endeavor, and put some airflow over your fins.
- Due to the ungainly posture of the landing gear to clear the hover engine, this Flounder is likely to tip over during a conventional landing. The parachute is recommended.

Maritime operation:
- In the hangar, set the thrust limiter of the hover engine to 0 and the aft engines to 100. Fill the oxidizer tanks as ballast.
- The Flounder can fly in this confiiguration, but you probably don’t want to even with SAS.
- Carefully taxi down to the water and very slowly roll in.
- Scoot across the surface to at least 20 m/s
- Gently descend and stay as level as possible to maintain pitch control.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 27
  • Pure Stock
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