TiME Buster PX7
by TooManyEnginesInc
uploaded 2018-01-01
(updated 2018-01-01)
stock rover

Too Many Engines incorporated (TiME) is proud to present PX9’s elder, slimmer, uglier brother, the Buster PX7.
The Polar Explorer series is designed to take crew + science equipment in comfort from the KSC all the way to the North Pole without the need for refuelling
Built with functionality in mind the PX7 is designed to meet all of TiME’s PX Series design requirements:
1) Let the throttle do the hard work, let the driver focus on steering
2) Have enough fuel to make it to the North Pole. Not fully tested however the tests so far have taken it approx ¼ of the way there with around 85-90% fuel still remaining
3) Carry all your typical science equipment
4) Travel across rough terrain at significant speeds; in excess of 40m/s
5) Have enough toque to climb steep inclinations.
The Buster PX7 is built to traverse rough terrains at high speeds it’s drift style handling means it’s still not really suitable for Kurbergring runs. However on all terrain much like the PX9 it’s a dream to drive. Also, being lighter than the PX9 means its all terrain top recommended speed increases by about 10m/s and is much more likely to survive an awkward landing at higher speeds.


Burn: 1h 19m 56.8s
Top Speed (KSC Flats): 129.2m/s
Max Recommended All Terrain speeds (grasslands etc):
40-60m/s safe unless awkward landing from significant height
60-75m/s, mostly safe on flatter grasslands if avoiding large jumps and sudden changes in inclination, recommended only for experienced all terrain drivers
75-90m/s Can be safe in the right conditions with the right driver, never for extended periods unless you are confident the terrain allows it, wheel explosions possible due to speed, vehicle still comfortably lands small jumps and drives with multiple wheels missing,
90m/s + At your own risk
Delta-V: 38,441m/s
Weight: 17,942kg
TWR: 0.68
Electric Charge: 3010
ISP: 10500.0
Torque: 39.70kNm
Action Groups (note: Single stage)
1 Toggle Thruster
2 Toggle Reverse Thruster
5 Science
6 Collect Science
Space bar can be used to start engines. second stage parachutes are purely decoration, no need to worry about staging.
Standard controls for Lights & Braking
External Command Seats x 4
Unnmanned control - can be launched without crew

Test Notes

The grasslands immediately surrounding the KSC flats are extremely rough compared to other grasslands. TiME has a route north which so far avoids mountain ranges, most craters & large dunes, these areas further north (approx 5-10mins from KSC) are where the top recommended all terrain speeds come from. If you wish to test out the top recommended speeds, it is not advisable on the grasslands directly behind/North of the KSC flats. Keep to 40-50m/s behind KSC flats.
Manufacturer notes: This vehicle contains minor clipping for the aesthetic purposes & fuel connection purposes. If you feel any clipping is excessive please let me know.

Feel free to leave feedback and if you find any issues with any of my vehicles please let me know

A stock aircraft called TiME Buster PX7. Built with 170 of the finest parts, its root part is structuralPanel1.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 170
  • Pure Stock
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