TIME High Speed Test Track Challenge
by TooManyEnginesInc
uploaded 2018-01-05
stock rover


Updated 10th Jan 2018

Apologies for the previous unfinished page, I’ve cleaned this page up and given a few more details where appropriate.
Follow the image attached and the steps below and post your times in the comments. Feel free to download the attached vehicle or use your own and post the times.


This track was conceived after I was playing with the friction control and other grip variables on C7 Reject’s G-12 Druid and found you can turn pretty aggressively at speeds of around 100m/s-150m/s whilst keeping control and decent amount of speed. So i came up with a crude course to test the different tunings to see how it handled and if it could be improved. As it turned out the course provided it’s own challenges which became actually quite fun in and of it’s self and I wanted to see how different cars performed. I was also keen to see if the G-12 Driud’s excessive speed and handling could be matched. However due to the terrain I found there aren’t many high speed vehicles available to download that are actually able to drive on the KSC flats. And thus, the challenge was born…….

Step 1

Drive off runway and accelerate upto 130m/s or until 25sec have passed, you are not allowed to steer, you must leave the vehicle heading arrow straight (or if it veers let it veer) until it reaches 130m/s or until 25secs have passed whichever comes first.

Step 2

Using any route you wish, head toward the Squad Monolith. You must pass the Monolith before returning
(NOTE: you may pass the Monolith on any side, you do not have to make a loop around it, as long as you pass it and drive back toward the top of runway this is fine)

Step 3

Return all the way back up to the top of the runway and pass it heading toward the buildings on the opposite site of the runway

Step 4

Drive down toward the Launchpad avoiding all buildings & elevated areas. Between the Launchpad and the runway there is a non elevated area you can enter, drive into it and toward the elevated line behind the VAB.
Crash into elevated area and record time. (NOTE: Depending on type of vehicle, the timer in top left will stop when your vehicle crashes allowing for easy time recording.

High Speed Test Track Times

The Buster R Prototype vehicle is the ugliest yet fastest Buster to date as is available to download with this track, feel free to post your times with this vehicle or with any you like. I will update this page with times posted to me or in the comments.

1) C7 Reject’s G-12 Druid (TiME Tuned): 1m 25s (NOTE: unreleased vehicle, need to stop being lazy and liaise with C7 Reject’s regarding getting this vehicle posted)

2) TiME Buster R Prototype: 1m 49s

3) Helium Predator III:

3) Jaguar E Type: 4m 12s
If I do get enough different times I will categorise them so that times are more meaningful, for example, the G-12 Druid is probably the benchmark we could call Top Spec, and we could create further categories as more times are set.


Vehicle Parameters

-Vehicles must be vaguely motor vehicle shaped. Car, truck, bike etc all acceptable. Mini Rocket on wheels with no body panelling not accepted, planes on wheels not accepted. Highly subjective of course but please respect the spirit of the challenge, ultimately you will only be cheating yourself.


Currently there are no restrictions on engines, vehicle size etc. The faster a vehicle you make, the harder it is to control, so more power too you if you stick two panther engines on and still make it controllable!
-I also previously had headlamps as a requirement front and rear, but they are really not entirely necessary and I think most people don’t even need a requirement to force it as it’s an aesthetic choice we mostly always make.
-At least 1 fuel tank, 4 wheels minimum (unless bike), must fit at least 1 Kerbal (comm seat or cockpit). Clipping allowed within reason mostly aesthetic and connections clipping allowed, engine clipping within reason, nothing fully clipped into something else (excluding lights)
-Fuel tanks must be either full or empty. This is essentially to stop people using the minimum fuel to get faster times. Vehicle balancing using fuel acceptable within reason.
NOTE: I will add an unmanned control to any vehicle I test that doesn’t have one or a cockpit for ease and speed, recommend building with one but entirely up to you.


General tips

DRS function advised for faster speed times.
The ground becomes uneven in certain areas causing anything from broken tyres to exploded vehicles, lowered vehicles with hardened suspension beware.
Your vehicle will crash or your tires will need to repair A LOT while trying to record a time. The somewhat bumpy terrain becomes an undulating hillside at faster speeds. The key is to find a good route.
I have noted after further testing that heading toward the monolith there is a very soft decline whereas the return journey that becomes an incline. Most of the issues regarding crashing will happen on your return journey. I have found that the side between the monolith and the sea is softer than the side between the monolith and the runway, except for very close to the runway which seems also to be quite smooth.

Stage 1 tips

-To use the download vehicle accelerate at full throttle with afterburn on (1 & 2 respectively are the hot keys) off the runway until you reach 130m/s, then press 3 to deactivate DRS and do almost a full 180 turning aggressively toward the monolith.
-Depending on your vehicle, you may not be able to full throttle directly off the run way.
-Being able to turn quickly and face the monolith after 130m/s or 25sec is key to getting a good time regardless of the speed of your vehicle. If you have a DRS function you can use it to push the speeds even further

Stage 2 tips

-Once you have straightened up press 3 again to activate the DRS, the key is not letting the vehicle get too fast, as it approaches 150m/s deactivate DRS by pressing 3 again. Once you are more comfortable with your route you can let it approach 160m/s before deactivating DRS.
Try to get far left, not too far though or you will run into problems with the shoreline, however it is definitely smoother to the left of the Monolith. If you have DRS use it now. Beware however, the faster you get the harder it will be to turn once you reach the monolith.

Stage 3 tips

-At 150m/s the download vehicle is not able to turn aggressively without causing major damage. As you come closer to the monolith you need to tap the steering until you reach (you guessed it) 130m/s, at this point aggressive turning becomes safer. However watch out the as the terrain is really bad around the monolith. Once you are facing the top of the runway and the hills again you can activate your DRS again to claw back some speed, watch out again for the terrain and look for a safe route, it may take a few runs before you find a comfortable route.

Stage 4 tips

-The most difficult part here is the turn in at the end, using the tips above you’ll need to judge how fast you allow yourself to go, by the time you are reaching the research facility you will likely be doing speeds faster than any previous time on the track, however due to the soft drawn out corner it will be safe for most vehicles with DRS still activated. Once you get to the junction between the launch pad and the runway you will need to lose speed quickly, ideally down to the magic 130m/s number. I have crashed at this point in the race more than any other. If you don’t turn quick enough you will crash into the runway, however given the speeds if you turn to aggressively you will risk crashing. It’s a really tricky turn.

Quick final note, crashing at the end may not be the best way to record the time but for me it’s be the easiest (laziest) way to get an idea of the times.

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