Ratatoskr Research Vessel
by Thor_Wotansen
uploaded 2017-09-23
stock ship

The Ratatoskr Research Vessel is a ship designed to accompany remote science missions and provide both an onsite laboratory and a secondary mission abort option in case of catastrophic vehicle failure. Outside of a fully stocked research lab, the Ratatoskr does not carry any scientific equipment, however it could easily host a small lander or be retrofitted if so desired. With 5,000m/s of Delta V, the Ratatoskr is fully capable of supporting it’s recommended crew of six or seven kerbals on a large variety of deep space missions, and with an emergency crew capacity of 23 it can provide reliable backup to a wide range of missions.

This version of the Ratatoskr comes prepackaged in a fairing, ready for mounting to a suitable launch vehicle of 90t payload rating or more*. The solar panel trusses must be mounted to the ship via the Clamp-O-Tron Jr.s provided after the fairing is jettisoned, but this is a fairly easy task, especially as a small RCS system is included at no extra charge, for that very purpose. Once the panel trusses are mounted, the RCS systems can be jettisoned to improve performance or kept to assist in delicate maneuvers.

*Actual weight of the full package is 87,350kgs. Shipping costs must be paid in advance and are not included in the purchase price. Warranty is void if repackaged or improperly assembled.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 131
  • Pure Stock
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