by Thor_Wotansen
uploaded 2017-03-08
stock ship

Designed for the Kethane Station series.

The AIS Gungnir is the pride and joy of the Asgard Industries fleet, acting as a mobile base of operations for industrial research and development as well as being the flagship of the newly formed military arm of the company.

As a research ship, the Gungnir is equipped with two fully stocked laboratories. It also has provisions in the hangar bay for science probes or modular instruments, and with it’s 4,500m/s of Delta V it can reform extended research missions.

On the military side of things, the Gungnir comes equipped with four Trebuchet long range guided missiles, however it can host up to eight of these formidable weapons via four auxiliary ports in the hangar bay. If the hangar bay is not occupied by missiles, it can host up to twelve small fighter or research craft, and, with it’s generous storage space for all types of fuels, keep them operational on extended missions. Additionally, the Gungnir sports twin refineries, and when supplied with ore, can extend its missions indefinitely.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 400
  • Pure Stock
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