by Thor_Wotansen
uploaded 2018-12-02
stock+DLC ship
#Mothership #Carrier #Warship

The all new Atseta carrier and command ship is designed to be the flagship of any fleet. With a maximum crew complement of 84 brave kerbals, and cavernous cargo bays and hangar, it is capable of excelling at any mission it is given. The six multi-mission cargo bays around the rear of the vessel are equipped with a flexible docking port layout that can support any number of specialized payloads, ranging from long range strike craft and missiles to research and resource extraction landers. The main hangar, opening in the front of the ship, has limited docking options, but is capable of swallowing some surprisingly large craft. Additionally, there are six docking ports arranged around the outside of the hangar. The Atseta also comes equipped with a Convert-o-tron 250 and a modest ore tank for further fleet support capabilities. Power generation is provided by twelve large solar arrays and three large fuel cells.
For getting places, the Atseta has 7 powerful engines, giving it a TWR of 0.56 and more than 3,600m/s ▲V at full fuel with no cargo. When combined with it’s refueling capabilities, this gives the Atseta the ability to operate anywhere in the Kerbol system.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 648
  • Pure Stock

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