Alliance V Shuttle
by The_Black_Badger
uploaded 2020-10-13
| Version 2 of 4
stock spaceplane
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Discontinued version! Please click here for version 3, which features many aesthetic and functional improvements.

Google Drive link to the 2 flags needed for this craft to appear as pictured.

An unmanned version, the HOPE-K, can be found here.


A 5-Kerbal shuttle, based on my unmanned Hope-K, and inspired by India’s RLV. This updated version features extensive revisions to shaping and moderate refinement to the launch stack.

The Alliance-V is rated for low-to-mid altitude spaceflight and has been tested in a symmetrical 300km orbit. Approximate dV in an 85km circular orbit is ~400 m/s.

It can be flown autonomously, or with a pilot at the controls, and remains stable in all flight regimes.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 236
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.10.1

Flight Instructions

The first stage is primarily used to gain altitude and ascent should be steep.

Turn on SAS, throttle to full, and stage. Keep nose pointed vertical until speed reaches at least 100 m/s. Then, turn on RCS, and begin a very gentle gravity turn.

After reaching 80-85 degrees, you can fly hands-off until booster burnout. The shuttle will wobble some, and will force itself into continuing the turn.

After booster burnout, the nose should be well above 45 degrees.

Push to your desired apoapsis, and cut throttle. When circularizing, SAS and RCS will help keep the shuttle stable, but it remains easy to fly until the booster runs out of fuel.

Action Groups

1) Toggle shuttle engine
5) Toggle docking bay
Backspace) Separate launch stack and disable all booster engines
G) Toggle landing gear and landing light
U) Toggle exterior lighting


-The booster rocket propels the Alliance-V to a suborbital trajectory. Be sure to keep an eye on your remaining dV and discard the booster when it runs out of fuel to avoid cartwheeling. Flying the last little bit at low throttle is recommended.

-The Alliance-V features an abort function, which separates the launch stack and cuts all booster engines.

Though it has not been tested, I believe orbits of ~400-500 km should be possible.

A stock shuttle, the Alliance V Shuttle. Built with 236 parts and no DLC, for those of you who still need to purchase Making History.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.10.1.

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